Jaguar Interior
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Interim Service (Minor or Bronze Service)

All interim services can be conducted on any Vehicle and is the general choice whilst going through an MOT depending on the age and mileage of the [vehicle] in question. A brief outline of an interim or minor service is covered below. However with many service options available why not give Slaters Garage Nottingham a call today to see what best suits your budget and Cars needs. Remember depending on the mileage of your Vehicle an interim service may not be enough to cover the work which is required for a service stamp or follow the manufacturers guideline. An interim or also known as our bronze service includes:

  • Top up all under bonnet fluids including water/brake fluids etc
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures on all tyres including a tread depth check for safety
  • Report on tyre condition of wear and tear, tread, scuffs or potential defects
  • Replace engine oil and filter for new with correct high quality materials
  • Check windscreen washers and wipers for usability
  • Top-up screen washer bottle including anti freeze if weather permits
  • Check lights and lenses including Reverse lights for working condition replacing bulbs if necessary (charged for bulbs at cost price)
  • Lubricate bonnet, door and boot hinges and locks for smooth vehicle day to day running
  • Stamp service book and reset service light providing you bring your service book with you, as you would expect we can only stamp a book if we see it so please make us aware where the book is in your vehicle when you drop it off