Classic and Executive cars from Slaters Garage
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Executive Car Specialists Nottingham

Working on a classic or executive car is a very different scenario than working with the run of the mill cars of today. These types of vehicle need more experience, concentration and understanding of how the Car works from gearbox through to brakes. The main thing most people neglect when repairing or restoring classic and executive cars is the cost of damage should you choose a mechanic who does not have a good understanding of the vehicle. As this is one of our specialist services we are able to recover or courier your Car from anywhere in the United Kingdom including Nottingham not just Nottingham. We strongly advise you get in touch before making a decision on who to use when it comes to this type of repair. We want you to have complete peace of mind knowing Slater's Garage Ltd are highly experienced in the repair and restoration of classics and executive Car's.

One of our key principles in any of our car gearbox, transmission, ECU or DSG repairs in normal cars or classic and executives is to use the finest replacement parts. Should that be original dealer parts or if they are no longer available we will source the most appropriate replacements. Unfortunately when this comes to classic Car or executives it can increase the cost of your restoration or service however it gives you complete peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands. Our prices are competitive nationwide including Nottingham and our experience far outweighs your concern of sending your prize possession with our specialist Car courier down to our base here in Nottingham.

Classic Car Services available in Nottingham

In some models of classic or executive Car's we need to remove the entire engine in order to work on the vehicle and make the necessary repairs. We have the machinery and experience to complete this without causing additional damage. Our diagnostic machines will give us a clear indication of the work required to repair or restore your classic Car meaning the costs are reduced as we have an action plan before we start work. As you would expect with any model classic or executive Car repair we will continue to keep you in the loop giving you both full guidance and advice from beginning to end. With projects completed up and down the country on a daily basis we can easily arrange for your Car to be collected and delivered at a minimal cost allowing us to deliver our expertise as far out as Nottingham.

We have a real passion in dealing with executive and classic Car's including 4x4's, which means we take not only a professional approach but a personal approach to every repair. From full gearbox rebuilds through to entire engine replacements we have the experience and patience required to complete a time enduring task. As this specialist service is available in all areas of the UK it would be safe to say we are the classic, executive and 4x4 repair specialists. Give one of the team in Nottingham a call today to discuss how they can help with your Car repair or restoration in Nottingham.

Here at Slater's we work with custom built motors designed for shows or weird and wonderful transformations. Once you have seen one gearbox you have seen them all, so we are confident in working with whatever project you bring to us. With specialist vehicles still needing MOT's and servicing our highly experienced team have the skill set to help without breaking the bank to do so.

Having worked on numerous models of Car over the years we have suppliers who can send us parts the same day for most major manufactures or if you have a rare classic or executive Car we can order the required parts from our trusted suppliers. We always aim to keep all Car repairs to a minimum and pass on any discounts available meaning it can work out cost effective to give Slater's a call even if you live in Nottingham as our recovery team can bring your vehicle to us at a fraction of the expected cost.

Since we first started working on Car's all those years ago things have changed. Cars are more relaible now than ever and with so many additional features it is our job to keep up to date with this ever changing industry. Let's be frank when you had a classic from thirty years ago there was no such thing as an airbag.

We have spent considerable time and money making sure Slater's Garage Ltd have the latest technology and our mechanics are trained to cope with the latest version of any Car giving you complete peace of mind your executive, 4x4 or super car is in safe hands.