Warranty Terms And Conditions

Your gearbox or transmission is protected for the following period whichever is sooner completed. Twelve months or 12000 miles from the date of installation.

The warranty period provides for repair,overhaul or replacement of any unit or part recognised by SLATERS GARAGE LTD as unserviceable due to defect in manufacture or faulty original assembly.Both material and labour costs are covered.Should any unit be replaced or repaired under our warranty,the replacement unit will have the benefit of the remainder of the original warranty period only.

The warranty may be rendered void if a suspect condition is shown or may reasonably be considered to have been caused by:

  • Modification to the vehicle so that it no longer conforms to its original specification.
  • The vehicle having been used in any form of competition.
  • Incorrect maintenance,misuse,overheating however temporary or driving error.
  • Malfunction of ancillary parts.
  • Oil cooler.

Consequential costs (towing,accommodation,loss of business,hire vehicles etc) are not covered by this warranty of SLATERS GARAGE LTD.

This warranty shall only apply to defects arising in the United Kingdom.It shall not extend to any defect arising outside the United Kingdom.

Warranty repairs to gearboxes or automatic transmissions may only be undertaken by and at the premises of SLATERS GARAGE LTD during the warranty period.

*Goods & Private Hire Vehicles – 3 months